Installing Dependencies

SeqAn can optionally make use of ZLIB and BZip2. This is relevant mostly for Input/Output. Depending on your operating system you may need to install extra packages of these libraries or their headers.


It depends on your distribution whether these packages are installed by default or not.

On Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and similar distributions:

# sudo apt install zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev

Mac and BSD

Nothing needs to be done, the libraries and their headers are pre-installed.


The downloadable contribs contain precompiled library binaries (zlib, libbz2) for Windows by the supported compilers. The contribs come in 32 bit and 64 bit variants.

You can install both variants in parallel if you want to do both 32 bit and 64 bit builds. Previous contribs packages are available here and here you can find the code for building contribs with new VS versions, for example.

Now, extract the downloaded ZIP file either to C:\Program Files or C:\.

After downloading the 64 bit variant, you should now have a folder named C:\Program Files\seqan-contrib-D20160115-x64 or a folder named C:\seqan-contrib-D20130710-x64.

After downloading the 32 bit variant, you should now have a folder named C:\Program Files\seqan-contrib-D20160115-x86 or a folder named C:\seqan-contrib-D20130710-x86.