SeqAn Manual

This is the manual of the SeqAn library. SeqAn is the C++ template library for the analysis of biological sequences. It contains algorithms and data structures for

  • string representation and their manipluation,
  • online and indexed string search,
  • efficient I/O of bioinformatics file formats,
  • sequence alignment, and
  • much more.

Table Of Contents


Each tutorial takes 30 to 60 minutes of your time for learning how to use SeqAn. Jump right into using SeqAn using our tutorials!

  • Detailed installation descriptions are available in the Getting Started Tutorial.
How Tos
Use these short and target-oriented articles to solve common, specific problems.
Build Manual
These articles describe how to use the SeqAn build system and integrate into your Makefiles, for example.
These pages describe the SeqAn infrastructure and are mostly interesting to SeqAn developers.
SeqAn Style Guides
Please follow these style guides for SeqAn library and application code.
These pages contain definitions of various terms.

API Documentation

The API documentation can be found on here.

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